John Paley

Visitors to our site may be interested in the following piece from the Shipley Times in 1917:

A kindly act and one which cannot fail to be of interest to people of the Shipley district, was seen in the public street in Bradford on Saturday.


Early in the afternoon an itinerant musician who has had the misfortune to lose both his arms and who was playing an organ by pedalling with this foot,was performing in Charles Street. While so engaged, three gentlemen passed along and one of them, after stopping to make an inquiry from the poor fellow, pulled forth a cornet from a case which he carried and began to play.


Naturally, a crowd soon collected and a collection taken up realised the sum of 12 shillings which the maimed organist received with thanks.


To many who gathered around, the cornet player was well known but to one who did not recognise him and made the inquiry, ‘who is he?’ the answer was soon forthcoming, ‘It’s John Paley.’ This we may say is by no means the first time Mr Paley has thus been the benefactor of some wandering musician and the public of Shipley, of which town the famous cornetist is a native, appreciate the kindness of heart which

prompts these deeds.


Shipley Times & Express 14 December 1917